A searingly honest British feature film which tackles mental health, depression and suicide head on. A powerful narrative drama about a man, played by Gary Grant, who’s cut himself off from his friends and family and has recently attempted suicide. Now, he’s returned to the edge again. Standing at the ultimate crossroads he’s surprised to discover that despite his efforts to isolate himself, people haven’t yet given up on him. He unexpectedly receives a documentary made about his life by his worried friend, played by writer and director, Cristian Solimeno.

It was described by Mark Dinning, the multi award winning, former editor of Empire Magazine as a Capra film for the 21st century 

I made this for You started out as a movie about a guy trying to convince his best friend to not make another suicide attempt. But when one of the cast took their own life, it changed things. It became apparent that releasing the film in a traditional way simply would not be enough to move the needle. We wanted to do more, we decided to take the central idea of the film and to make something happen with it in the real world, the idea of making a gift for someone you care about, to show them you care. That's how the hashtag campaign and the I MADE THIS FOR YOU movement came to be.


We want everyone who needs it to be able to watch the film so we've made the decision to make the film available to watch for free everywhere, regardless of what country you are in, for a whole month. From World Suicide Prevention Day on September 10th to World Mental Health Awareness Day on October 10th


Over the next month, this site will be filling up with information related to mental health, the hashtag campaign and the film. We will post links to interviews and reviews , we will share stories of gift giving and and tell you where you can watch the film. Of course you will be able to stream it for FREE from this very website.



You Are Invited...

The #Imadethisforyou hashtag campaign, invites creative people to take a moment out from our commercial lives and to make something for someone who you know is going through a hard time. It can be a cake, a card, a jumper or a song. It could be a piece of dance or a bracelet made from string or anything in between. Take a photo on your phone or even just make some tea, pop it in a thermos and invite someone for a picnic, it could be ANYTHING. it doesn't have to be for one specific person, you could make something for a group, like maybe a poem written for people who are missing their loved ones. Or you could do what I've done with the film and make something that's for everyone. The point is to make things with other people in mind and to give these things away to show you care. The point is to reach out. The point is to try.

To coincide with World Suicide Prevention Day (Thursday 10th September), I’m inviting you to participate and post throughout the week commencing 7th September.


Do be careful with hygiene and follow guidelines about Covid. Be discreet when you post on social media about naming who you are making things for. Don’t forget, they may not want to be identified as being someone who is struggling, so as a rule please keep them anonymous. But please do something and please, if it feels right then do share what you make with us too via social media. This hashtag will have a real world effect.


It will be an explosion of love and kindness and creativity that empowers us to reach out and gives us the confidence to actually try. It will lead to stories and images, organised by the hashtag that any of us can look back at when we need cheering up. Most of all this will be a movement that weaves a net to catch us when we are falling. If we all link arms in a virtual way, through our creativity, we can make the holes in that net smaller and smaller so it catches more and more people. I've made a film that I hope will help people who are on the edge, I made that for everyone, I made it for you... What will you do? 

Please use the hashtags #imadethisforyou #imadethisforyoumovement to be findable on social media and feel free to send photos or video to us here at enquiries@imadethisforyou.org. We can upload videos to our YouTube channel and feature photos right here on the site as well as reposting stuff. If you want to make a song then please post it to Soundcloud with the tag #imadethisforyousongsforothers. We've had to make that tag a bit longer to separate the campaign out from the zillions of other songs already on there. 

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